Am I a Good Candidate for ThermiVa® Treatment?

By: Dr. Thomas Terence Easter


Pregnancy and hormone changes take a toll on our health and lead to problems like vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, and urinary incontinence. If you experience these issues, Women's Medical Group of Upland uses advanced radiofrequency technology to help restore your vaginal health without surgery or downtime. This cutting-edge treatment in Upland and Claremont, CA is known as ThermiVa.

Dr. Thomas Terence Easter is proud to provide compassionate and individualized care for women of all ages. Learn if you are a candidate for ThermiVa by reading below or calling now for a consultation.

What to know about vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophy is a condition in which the tissues lining the inside of the vagina become thin, dry, or inflamed. Loss of muscle tone is also common as we age. Many factors contribute to these issues, including:

  • Hormone changes: Life events like menopause or starting/stopping hormone-based birth control pills cause vaginal dryness and itching. These issues make sex painful and increase your risk of urinary tract infections.
  • Gradual collagen loss: Our bodies produce less collagen and elastin as we get older, which leads to a general loss of tissue laxity in the vagina.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth: Vaginal muscles can become weak after giving birth. Women may have problems with urinary incontinence or bladder control issues.

Some women turn to vaginal rejuvenation surgery to improve vaginal atrophy, but this is not the only option. ThermiVa is a nonsurgical alternative that uses RF energy to stimulate collagen production and improve vaginal muscle tone.

What happens during a ThermiVa consultation?

Dr. Easter must perform an assessment to determine your candidacy for ThermiVa treatment. Women's Medical Group of Upland begins by taking your medical history and asking about any current symptoms. Our team may perform a pelvic exam to check for signs of infection or other conditions that could interfere with treatment.

Ideal candidates for ThermiVa:

  • Are in good health
  • Have vaginal dryness or itchiness
  • Experience pain or discomfort during intercourse
  • Have concerns about urinary incontinence
  • Want to improve vaginal comfort

Those with active vaginal infections will need to wait before beginning ThermiVa treatment. Dr. Easter can make recommendations to manage your symptoms in the meantime.

What to expect from ThermiVa

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery requires invasive incisions and weeks of recovery, during which you must avoid sex and strenuous workouts. This is not the case with ThermiVa treatment. Claremont and Upland, CA patients at Women's Medical Group of Upland can expect a comfortable experience. Dr. Easter can let you know what to expect during the process.

We begin by using a small handpiece to deliver radiofrequency energy to the vaginal wall and labia majora and minora. You may feel a warm sensation, but it should not be painful.

ThermiVa appointments last about 30 minutes and do not require a form of anesthesia. You can drive home and return to normal activities afterward. Our staff may provide simple post-treatment instructions to minimize potential side effects and optimize results.

See if you are a candidate for ThermiVa

We understand that issues like vaginal dryness and incontinence are sensitive topics. ThermiVa has helped many women in Upland and Claremont, CA reclaim their vaginal health and wellness. Learn how vaginal rejuvenation treatment works by calling Women's Medical Group of Upland for a consultation with Dr. Thomas Terence Easter. Candidates can expect the best care possible.

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