Cutting-Edge Procedures

At the Women's Medical Group of Upland, Dr. Thomas Easter and his team offer comprehensive gynecological care for women throughout the area. We perform surgeries aimed to improve the appearance and function of the vulva, labia, and other vaginal structures, as well as aesthetic treatments.

Wellness Services


The field of gynecology focuses on women's reproductive health and encompasses contraception, gynecological procedures, and disease management.


Urogynecology is a subspecialty in the field of OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology) that focuses on the combination of reproductive and urinary health.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Imbalanced hormones can cause a number of complications and be brought on by menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, and many other circumstances.

Aesthetic Surgeries


Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery that aims to reshape the outer lips of the vulva to improve the overall appearance and certain functional issues.


Hymenoplasty is a procedure that can restore the hymen. It is typically performed in under an hour with the patient under local or topical anesthesia.


A vaginoplasty may be an ideal treatment for any woman who is experiencing looseness in the skin or muscles of the vagina following childbirth.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

A clitoral hood reduction can be performed for patients who want to alter the size of the clitoral hood, which can have some functional improvements.


In women, the perineum is the section of tissue located between the anus and the vagina. A perineoplasty can tighten or loosen the underlying muscles.

Aesthetic Services


ThermiVa is a radiofrequency device that precisely targets the vaginal tissue, producing a youthful, tightened result with improved functionality.

O-Shot and P-Shot

Improve sexual function and enjoyment with a quick and easy O-Shot for women and P-Shot for men.

Deep Moisturizing Facial

Deep Moisturizing Facials are rejuvenating treatments that replenish the skin and encourage cell turnover for a glowing complexion.
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