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Perineoplasty (also perineorrhaphy) denotes the plastic surgery procedures used to correct clinical conditions (damage, defect, deformity) of the vagina and the anus. Among the vagino-anal conditions resolved by perineoplasty are vaginal looseness, vaginal itching, damaged perineum, incontinence, genital warts, dyspareunia, vaginal stenosis, vaginismus, vulvar vestibulitis, and decreased sexual sensation. Depending upon the vagino-anal condition to be treated, there are two variants of the perineoplasty procedure: the first, to tighten the perineal muscles and the vagina; the second, to loosen the perineal muscles.

A perineoplasty procedure repairs damage to the perineum and damage to the vulva that a woman might experience as a result of:

  • Childbirth — the stretching of parturition can cause tears to the tissues, or might require cutting (episiotomy) should the woman’s birth canal prove too narrow to allow unobstructed passage of the infant. Moreover, any perineal tissue that presents either a cut or a tear can heal and fuse together before the stitches dissolve, regardless of whether or not the tissues originally were joined in that anatomic configuration.
  • Obesity — excess weight can over-stretch and damage the structures of the perineum, and can also stress and cause the separation of the perineal muscles.
  • Inadequate innervation — either an absence of nerves or too few nerves.
  • Sexual penetration

I started hormone therapy in August and I have not felt this good in a over a decade. Dr. Easter has great bedside manners and answered all my questions. Very happy with the service  I feel like I am living again

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34 years ago today, Dr Easter delivered my nephew Michael. Years later he became my doctor and has seen me through cancer, treatments, surgeries. He’s very kind and takes the time to explain everything. His years of experience and wicked skills gave me the best hysterectomy I could have hoped for. Very little pain and a quick recovery.

M.L. Healthgrades

I was recommended to Dr. Easter in 2015 by my GP for the Hormone Therapy. Let's just say it's been a life changing experience for me mentally and physically. I had struggled with female issues since my 20's and eventually resulted in a complete hysterectomy removing my ovaries was enduring Menopause at 40. Every Doctor I would see would want to put me on AntiDepressants as a quick fix. That was not an option for me because I think deep inside I knew it was my hormones. Dr. Easter was my last hope as I started suffering from severe depression. I remember walking into his office crying and telling him you are my last hope, HELP ME ... He was so kind and said to me" you are in the right place and I'm here to help" He suggested I come back in a week for me to check in because of how upset I was. I walked in smiling that week and felt like a different woman. I have now been a patient of His for 7 years and have referred everyone I know to him that is facing hormone imbalance. Hormonal Balance is real and can have serious side effects to your health Physically and mentally, not to mention stress on your relationships. I'm so thankful to have found Dr. Easter, not only for his knowledge in HRT, but his empathy with his patients. My only regret is that I wish I did more research to find him sooner... Along with my HRT I received I had the opportunity to try the Alma Duo that Dr. Easter now offers and "WOW" The combination of my hormone pellet therapy along with the Alma therapy is amazing. I do not want to get into too much in detail, but if you are sexually active and looking for a BOOST with your Husband/Wife/Partner, this is a must :) I will let Dr. Easter share all the benefits of this new treatment.. Last but not least, I love Dr. Easter's staff, they are friendly, professional and helpful... Special mention for Vanessa, I created a bond with her immediately... Thank you for being an amazing human :)

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Dr Easter is the absolute best! I highly recommend! The staff is super friendly and he has a very clean off. So important these days.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Thomas Easter almost 35 years...enough said! Amazing doctor!!!!!!

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Patients will be given a general anesthetic in order to ensure their comfort during the procedure. Once it has taken effect, a v-shaped incision will be made along the posterior vaginal wall. This incision will be used to remove any scar tissue, bulges, and other signs of damage. We will then either tighten or loosen the affected muscles depending on the patient's needs before closing and suturing the incision. In total, the procedure takes about an hour to perform, and patients will be free to return home as soon as they have woken up.

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Is there a nonsurgical alternative to perineoplasty?
While there are nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatments that can address issues related to the vagina, anus, and perineum, any significant skin or muscular damage should likely be addressed by surgery like perineoplasty. During your consultation with Dr. Thomas Easter or a member of the Women’s Medical Group of Upland team, we will examine your condition and symptoms and decide if a perineoplasty procedure is right for you.
What activities will I need to refrain from after a perineoplasty?
What activities will I need to refrain from after a perineoplasty?
Women who undergo a perineoplasty at our Upland, CA facility should not participate in any strenuous exercise for about a month, and should not have sex for approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Failure to follow these guidelines may significantly jeopardize the results of the procedure.
Will a perineoplasty improve my sex life?
A perineoplasty is typically a very effective procedure and should improve sensations during sex. Complication rates are low, and studies have shown that more than 90% of perineoplasty patients report sexual satisfaction following the surgery. In addition to improving women’s sex lives, a perineoplasty may also be able to treat urinary incontinence.
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